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Trump-Impeaching GOP Congressman Declares His Fate – This Term In Washington Is Going To Be Fred Upton’s Last

For months, we’ve read about the major shakeup that is coming to Congress, post-2022 midterms. Many long-serving Democrats are retiring as if they know they won’t be able to win re-election.

But Democrats aren’t the only ones in trouble. Americans haven’t forgotten that a (small) number of Republicans turned on the 45th president in 2020. They went as far as to vote for in impeachment.

Three of them have already bit the dust, retiring from Congress. Now, a fourth one is heading for the hills.

From USA Today:

A fourth House Republican who voted to impeach Donald Trump is leaving Congress…

Trump quickly took credit for Upton’s refusal to seek re-election, while Upton supporters and other Republicans said his decision stemmed from redistricting and not the ex-president’s backing of a challenger.

“UPTON QUITS!” Trump crowed in a written statement. “4 down and 6 to go. Others losing badly, who’s next?”

It appears Upton is quitting Congress for much the same reason as Adam Kinzinger—another anti-Trump RINO. After bowing to the left to betray Trump, Upton is faced with the loss of his congressional district.

Like in Illinois, Michigan is gerrymandering its congressional map to box out Republicans. So, after bowing to Democrats, Upton’s losing his job to one of them.

Was it worth it, Freddy?

It’s no secret these RINOs who turned on Trump did it to appease the D.C. swamp. They cowered to the left, to stay on its good side.

Yet, so far, four of them are losing their jobs. Democrats didn’t bat an eye when they conspired to redistrict these Republicans out of office.

Pretty sad. Other Trump-hating RINOs face tough re-election battles. Liz Cheney does not appear to be stepping down. But she is being primaried by a Trump-backed candidate.

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