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Biden Takes A Pounding In Latest Poll – For 3 Leading Issues Over 60% Disapprove Of Joe’s Handling

As the midterm elections come ever closer, reports suggest Democrats are becoming increasingly concerned. Many polls show a significant swing toward the GOP, and experts are predicting a “red wave” in November.

And as each new set of survey results roll in, Republicans get even more confident. The Biden administration continues to battle low approval ratings across the board, especially in regards to the economy.

The Latest Batch Of Numbers Might Prove Especially Worrisome For The Democrat Party.

First and foremost, a CBS News poll showed that the majority of Americans believe the economy is “bad,” and most blame this on jumping inflation.

Though the poll indicates that many citizens are acknowledging lower unemployment in the marketplace, that can’t outweigh the negative impacts of an inflation-heavy system. Many are feeling the strain:

Higher prices are leading people to say they’re making cutbacks, especially on more discretionary items like entertainment and travel. (That may, of course, have a wider impact on the economy later.)

About half are cutting back on food and groceries, and this is especially the case among those with lower incomes. … Biden gets his lowest approval ratings on the economy and inflation.

Gas prices remain a primary concern and most people surveyed believe President Biden could be doing more to help. Most Republicans also say Biden’s policies have contributed “a lot” to high gas costs.

Overall, About 60 Percent Of Those Surveyed – Nearly 2/3 – Disapprove Of The Way Biden Has Handled The Top 3 Issues: Economy, Inflation, And Crime.

For a while now, experts and analysts have predicted that these numbers will translate to major losses for Democrats in the midterm elections.

Republicans only need a net gain of 5 seats to flip the House and currently, the numbers say this isn’t only plausible — it’s likely. And this would be the result of drastic shifts among key voting demographics.

For example, NBC polling analyst Steve Kornacki cited one particular statistic:

College-educated males were +16 in favor of Democrats in the last midterm election, and that same group now shows a +10 favorability rating for Republicans. This Is A Dramatic 26-Point Shift.

On top of that, many polls say the Russia/Ukraine situation isn’t helping the Biden administration at all, particularly because of the added strain on the economy.

Per one particularly eye-opening Politico report:

The widely watched University of Michigan consumer confidence survey recently touched its lowest level in almost 11 years. An Associated Press/NORC survey showed that almost 70 percent of Americans think the economy is in poor shape, and 81 percent of those in a poll released by CNBC see a recession coming this year.

Perhaps the President’s biggest mistake was telling people that the economic struggle would be “temporary.”

University of Michigan economist Richard Curtin says this is where Biden tripped himself up: he says it was a “critical error” to just tell people to “tough it out,” and now polls show he’s paying for this mistake.

If the economy can rebound and consumer prices decrease – or at least even out – over the summer months, Democrats may be in a better position for the midterms.

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