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Democrats Officially Panic Over “Nightmare Scenario” – Evidence Shows Biden And His Democrats Are Cratering In The Polls

Since last year, we’ve been covering the disaster that has been the Biden administration. Not only that, but the failures that have been a federal government run by Democrats.

The left put a senile man in office, thinking they could get away with it. But nobody thinks this is okay:

Biden’s numbers have been in the gutter since last August. We’ve never seen approval numbers this bad for this long. And now, he is losing big with a must-win demo.

From Fox News:

President Biden’s approval ratings continue to fall precipitously among Hispanics in the United States.

Biden’s approval ratings among Hispanics are down to 26%, according to a recent Quinnipiac poll. This is a nearly 10 point drop from Biden’s approval rating on April 6, when he maintained approximately 34% of the Hispanic population. Similarly, low approval was reported in most demographics.

What!? You mean Hispanic Americans don’t want an open border, with millions of migrants rushing in? Who would have thought? All of us.

Worse than that, Biden isn’t even respected by world leaders. His outgoing press secretary actually admitted that.

Now, Democrats are finally waking up to a nightmare scenario. November is going to be a bloodbath.

From The Hill:

Democrats are facing a nightmare scenario with about six months to go before the midterm elections…

“I think this is going to be a biblical disaster,” said one such Democratic strategist, who did not wish to be named. “This is the reality we are in as Democrats and no one wants to face it.”

Uh, yeah, that’s what we’ve been saying for over a year. Democrats are realizing that they will lose big time in November.

These will be the first national elections held since Biden took office. And you don’t expect a banner victory when your “president” is experiencing approval numbers in the low 30s.

But let’s not forget the rest of his toxic, morally bankrupt party. Democrats sat back and let Biden make one bad move after another. They egged him on, trying to pass extreme legislation that would have crippled our economy and destroyed our democracy.

And that’s not even getting into how state and local Democrats deprived Americans of their freedoms—and their children’s educations—for nearly two years.

Voters are eager to send Democrats a message. They are very angry and nothing the corrupt media says, nor what Biden’s fake White House claims, is going to change that.

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