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Judge Shuts Out Democrat Senate Candidate – For 2022 Midterms He Rules Finkenauer’s Election Signatures Failed Iowa Law

We all know the upcoming 2022 elections are important. Not only will the House be reshaped, but there is a chance the Senate will change as well.

Many signs suggest that Republicans can flip the Senate back. But a 50/50 split means either party can gain a majority. Anything can tip the balance of power.

And one Democrat frontrunner just doomed her chance at flipping the Senate blue. All because she screwed up the signature process.

From Daily Wire:

An Iowa state court judge ruled that former Democratic Congresswoman Abby Finkenauer is ineligible to appear on the state’s primary ballot for the 2022 U.S. Senate race…

Under Iowa state law, Senate candidates are required to collect at least 3,500 valid signatures on their nominating petitions in order for ballot placement, including at least 100 signatures in 19 different Iowa counties…

Republican Party officials objected to three signatures in two counties, arguing that they were invalid because they did not date their signatures correctly.

Ouch, that’s gotta hurt. An Iowa judge rejected Democrat frontrunner Abby Finkenauer’s name from appearing on the Democratic Senate primary ballot. All because she failed to properly follow the rules.

Iowa state law requires 3,500 signatures on a candidate’s nominating petition. That includes at least 100 signatures from 19 different Iowa counties.

Finkenauer apparently had 5,000 signatures. But three signatures, coming from two counties, were invalid. One signature had a birthday instead of the correct date. One had no date. And the third had the signer’s zip code, not the date.

Does that sound insignificant? Not on your life. These rules are in place to verify the signatures are legitimate.

The signer had to put their name and the date they signed. Simple enough. If a date is missing, how can the state ensure the signature is real? How do we know this wasn’t forged?

(If someone can’t figure out a form that simple, we have to question their intelligence.)

This is really on Finkenauer. Her campaign staff should have done a better job at collecting signatures. They should have caught these mistakes immediately. They didn’t and the judge had no choice.

Finkenauer was the Democratic frontrunner for the nomination. If she wins, she would face Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley. Now, her fate’s in question all because of a foolish mistake.

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