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Nancy Pelosi Just Doubled Down On Stupid – After Passing Massive Spending Bill, Democrats Spend Millions To Convince Voters

Democrats (including flip-flopper Sen. Joe Manchin) rushed to pass Biden’s “inflation” bill. This bill, in reality, is his “Build Back Better” agenda by another name.

Meaning, it will cost Americans billions—while increasing taxes and doing nothing about inflation.

But after spending billions of our dollars, Democrats are now spending millions trying to convince voters this bill is not what it really seems.

From Newsmax:

A new seven-figure ad buy is being launched by the Democratic National Committee to highlight recent Democrat successes and to tout the signing of the climate, healthcare, and tax bill, CNN is reporting.

The plan “includes a national cable buy, gas station advertisements, digital ads, and print, digital and radio buys in Black, Spanish-language, multi-lingual AAPI, and Native American media outlets across the country, and more,” one DNC official told the news network.

And yet, here is how Nancy brags about it:

Democrats are now spending millions to bamboozle the usual targets that this bill is going to help them.

Except, it is yet another bait-and-switch. The bill was supposed to reduce inflation by taxing the rich and addressing certain problems.

But independent analysis of this bill reveals it will increase taxes on most Americans and will have a negligible effect on inflation.

So, true to form, Democrats are trying to spin the bill—ignoring the inflation thing and claiming this was about green energy and drug prices.

Even Bernie Sanders admitted this bill doesn’t do anything to lower medical costs. He said that both Americans on Medicare and those not on Medicare will not benefit. (Big pharma, though, will).

And the claim this will help America achieve energy independence? Doubtful. This bill will hit fossil fuel companies with massive new taxes, increasing the cost of energy even more.

On top of that, it will throw billions at green energy, which few Americans can even take advantage of.

But that hasn’t stopped Democrats from burning through campaign cash, simply to fool people into thinking this is a “win.”

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