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Blue States Suffer Record Mass Exodus – Americans Are Fleeing Democrat-Run Coastal Cities

We’ve seen for many years how hard Americans have it in blue states. Cities and states run by Democrat majorities have the highest crime, highest taxes, and the highest cost of living.

2020 further put a strain on folks living in liberal areas. And now, inflation is making it even harder to make a living in places like California or New York.

The results shouldn’t surprise us. As inflation continues to rise, a record number of Americans are fleeing liberal coastal cities.

From Fox Business:

A record number of homebuyers are seeking to move to more affordable areas as inflation continues to soar…

As a result, pricey coastal cities such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle and Boston are “seeing early signs of a housing-market slowdown,” according to the brokerage.

In fact, Redfin said the number of people leaving Seattle “picked up significantly over the last two years,” underscoring how the pandemic is changing where people choose to live.

Data from reveals a massive uptick in users seeking homes away from the coasts. Cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Boston are being evacuated for cheaper areas.

And what do these cities have in common? They are run by Democrats.

It appears Americans are sick and tired of the left’s radical policies. These are the same cities that tried to defund the police, let rioters run wild, pushed CRT in schools, and locked down businesses for far too long.

And to add insult to injury, inflation is making life in these cities even more expensive.

What did Democrats think was going to happen? It seems these socialists think that hard-working Americans have this limitless supply of money they can just throw at the government.

The sad reality is that Democrat policies have put a huge burden on regular Americans. Many of them are struggling to get by.

Their only solution is to abandon cities that have been their home for years, hoping to find something better elsewhere.

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