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21 Red States File Restraining Order Against Biden Admin – They Are Trying To Stop Joe From Rolling Back Title 42

It’s no secret that Biden’s administration has hurt Americans. Congress is in his pocket, unwilling to oppose him.

So, it’s left to governors at the state level to fight this failing presidency. We’ve seen numerous Republican governors step up to shut down Biden.

And now, 21 of them are coming together to block Biden’s latest terrible idea.

From Fox News:

Twenty-one Republican-led states suing the Biden administration to stop the Title 42 public health order are now seeking a temporary restraining order to prevent any lifting of the order ahead of the May 23 rollback date.

Three states, Arizona, Louisiana and Missouri, initially sued the Biden administration earlier this month over the move to end Title 42…

Soon after, more states signed onto the lawsuit, bringing the number to 21.

Twenty-one red states are suing Biden over his attempts at ending Title 42. He plans on ending this rule by May 23.

These states are fighting to temporarily block that move.

Title 42 is the last measure border agents have left to secure the border. It gives them the power to deport border jumpers to keep detention centers from becoming overwhelmed.

Biden’s DHS has refused to enforce immigration law at the border, leading to a massive crisis.

Millions of migrants have flooded the country over the last year. Experts predict it will get much worse if Title 42 is revoked.

Democrats don’t seem to understand or care that the border is out of control. But soon enough, the entire country will suffer from this unchecked migration.

Republican governors are trying to hold back this tide of invasion. It’s unclear yet how the courts will rule on this lawsuit.

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