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After Biden Accuses Border Agents Of ‘Whipping’ – Joe’s Team Refuses To Apologize So Border Patrol Union Goes After Joe

Our border is out of control, and Biden’s right at the center of this crisis.

Border agents, tasked with protecting the country, used horses to help police parts of the border. The Media Claimed They Were Whipping Migrants—an unproven claim.

Biden jumped on this lie, calling these agents criminals. He was, of course, proven wrong.

When asked about this recently, the White House was silent. Now the union is blasting back.

From Townhall:

The National Border Patrol Council is blasting the White House and President Joe Biden after Press Secretary Jen Psaki refused to revoke smears against mounted agents during Monday’s briefing…

Before any investigation took place and without evidence, Biden declared the agents were criminals who would be swiftly punished…

Nothing Biden said was true. The agents did nothing wrong and after being hung out to dry for six months, they’ve been cleared.

And here’s how his own press secretary responded to it:

Last year, Biden pushed a lie that mounted Border agents were “whipping” migrants. That entire unit was suspended, but after a six-month investigation (why did it take so long?), they were cleared.

Now that we know for a fact they did nothing wrong and never whipped migrants, it would be reasonable for the White House to admit Biden was wrong.

Biden has refused to apologize or even acknowledge this news. And his outgoing press secretary once again showed the depths of her arrogance and unconcern by refusing to say anything.

Biden condemned these people, calling them criminals and saying they would be punished.

These were law enforcement agents who not only did nothing wrong but Risked Their Lives To Defend America’s Border. That’s much more than anything Biden has ever done for us.

Yet Biden refuses to apologize. Remember, this is the same “president” who claimed Democrats never slandered cops or called for their defunding.

Biden did that very thing. He actually did worse, when he called these officers criminals and wanted them punished for doing their job.

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