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After Rudy Giuliani Unmasks On ‘Masked Singer’ – Hollywood Star Ken Jeong Gets Triggered Races Off The Stage

For years, we’ve had to put up with celebrities pushing politics. It seems these entitled liberals think we care what they think.

Hollywood has become increasingly closed-off to anyone that doesn’t march along to its dogma.

Just look what happened recently during The Masked Singer. Rudy Giuliani was revealed to be one of the performers. That’s when actor and judge Ken Jeong lost it.

From Daily Caller:

Former Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani’s performance on “The Masked Singer” caused celebrity judge Ken Jeong to storm off stage…

Giuliani sang George Thorogood’s “Bad to the Bone,” leading Jeong to storm off stage after saying “I’m done” into his mic…

While the other judges, including Nicole Scherzinger, Jenny McCarthy and Nick Cannon, appeared to enjoy the performance, the “Hangover” celebrity did not join in.

How pathetic. Rudy Giuliani, known for appearing on TV shows like Saturday Night Live, made a guest appearance on The Masked Singer.

When it was revealed he was the disguised performer, apparent liberal Ken Jeong stormed off the stage.

Other judges Nicole Scherzinger and Jenny McCarthy seemed to enjoy the performance. It was previously reported that another male judge, Robin Thicke, also scurried away like a child.

Funny how these (possibly) liberal women had no problem showing their professionalism. But yet these fragile snowflake men stormed out like spoiled brats.

I guess that just shows you the kind of guts a liberal man has. None.

One sight of the famed mayor and Trump lawyer had them running for the hills.

This comes as Hollywood and the entertainment industry become increasingly hostile to conservatives. Already on social media, conservatives are frequently censored for their views.

Hollywood celebrities are known for their hardcore support of the left. But to be unable to stand on the same stage as a Republican?

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