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Appeals Court Rules Against Blue State Democrats – They Just Claimed New York Dems Illegally Gerrymandered

Signs point to Democrats losing big time in this year’s midterms. So, what are they doing to change their fortunes?

Not winning over Americans, that’s for sure. Instead, Democrats in numerous states have fought to manipulate congressional maps to favor their party.

They tried to do this in New York, a state failing under liberal rule. But an appeals court just shut down their case.

From Fox News:

A mid-level appeals court in New York State ruled late Thursday that Democrats illegally drew up new congressional maps to unfairly benefit their own party…

The judges said that Democratic lawmakers drafted the 2022 congressional redistricting map “without any Republican input, and the map was adopted by the legislature without a single Republican vote in favor of it.”

Democrats drew up a new congressional map for New York State. But it seems they ignored input and support from Republican lawmakers.

The case has been challenged in court, twice. This appeals court upheld a lower court’s ruling that Democrats violated the law in making this map.

Gerrymandering is the practice of drawing congressional districts that favor one group or party. It is a violation of federal voting laws.

But Democrats often get away with it, thanks to favorable judges.

It doesn’t seem that the courts are happy about it, this time around. Thanks to people fleeing New York, they actually lost one seat in Congress.

They are trying to make up for that by drawing seats to box out Republican candidates.

Democrats claim there isn’t enough time to draw a new map. Oh, I’m sure they’ll find the time.

They are already appealing this ruling to NY’s top courts. So, they have the time to challenge these rulings, but not to draw a new map?

Do not buying it.

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