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Donald Trump Jr. Launches Constitutional “Task Force” – He’s Moving To Protect Your 2nd Amendment Rights

Protecting rights granted by the Constitution of the United States: it has become a #1 priority for millions of Americans in recent years.

Freedom of Speech might be the most critical but the Second Amendment isn’t far behind in terms of arguments and debate.

Now, Donald Trump Jr. Is Making A Stand For One Side — And He’s Not Holding Back.

The former President’s son has been a vocal proponent of the Constitution for years, and he has often offered his support for free speech and the right to bear arms.

Now, with Democrats seemingly clamping down harder on gun rights than ever before, Trump Jr. wants to defend against this leftist maneuver.

In this case, it’s to protect 2A. And to help make that happen, Trump Jr. is launching a special “task force” that will ensure Americans retain their rights.

From Fox News:

Fox News Digital has learned that Trump Jr. will be launching the Second Amendment Task Force and will serve as the chairman of the group as it works to protect Americans’ right to bear arms.

This is the first advocacy group for Trump Jr. and the organization plans to make a big push during the midterm elections in the fall, so expect to hear a lot more about them.

As far as Trump Jr. is concerned, this isn’t merely just another group pushing for American rights — it’s much more important.

As he said in a statement:

The Second Amendment is the whole ballgame; it’s the freedom that protects all of our other freedoms.

Unfortunately the Biden Administration and Democrats in Congress are hellbent on eroding our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms, whether it’s nominating radical gun-grabbers to senior positions in the executive branch or pushing anti-gun legislation.

The Second Amendment Task Force is entirely devoted to ensuring the Left is never successful in disarming American citizens.

This has been a common refrain among right-wing voters and Constitution supporters:

There’s a widespread belief that if the ruling regime (currently, the Democrat Party) can manage to disarm the entire populace, they can and will hold immense power.

It’s a matter of control, according to those on the right.

Trump Jr.’s group fights for these people, and will also combat any Biden administration nominees and leftist policies that infringe on 2A.

He Added That If Democrats Start Going Down The Anti-2A Path, Then “We’re Going To Make Sure They Feel The Pain.”

The Second Amendment Task Force stands at the ready to defend the Constitution. It will likely benefit from Don Jr.’s significant presence on social media.

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