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Florida Just Got Tough On Election Law – DeSantis Signs Historic Bill That Clamps Down On Voting Rules

The controversy surrounding election integrity and voter rights continues to draw everyone’s attention, especially with the vital midterm elections coming up.

While most Democrat leaders claim our election system is fine and any claims otherwise are “conspiracy theory,” not everyone agrees.

And for some states, election integrity is a top priority.

Take Florida, for example: Governor Ron DeSantis has often spoken out against election fraud, and the need for passing laws that protect the integrity of our voting system.

That’s why he has just signed a huge new bill related to this hot-button topic: And It Even Involves Setting Up An Entirely New Police Unit.

Basically, the Sunshine State is going to have a special office that will look into all possible election law violations. This is an unprecedented step.

DeSantis isn’t playing around when it comes to election integrity, and Bill 524 is a direct reflection of that.

Via The Daily Wire:

Florida Senate Bill 524 requires the state’s voter rolls to be annually reviewed and updated to remove ineligible voters, tightens voter ID requirements, and increases penalties for some election-related crimes.

Most notably, it establishes the Office of Election Crimes and Security within the Department of State, which investigates election law violations.

The bill also instructs the Secretary of State to submit a report and draft legislation for any further action to strengthen voter ID requirements.

This is a sweeping bill that encompasses many aspects of voting and elections, and Gov. DeSantis believes it’s an essential move.

In a statement, he says Florida has “become a national leader by running the most secure elections in the country.”

But if they’re going to maintain that security, they need bills like this to put an end to ballot harvesting, drop boxes, and the mass mailing of ballots. Many leaders have questioned all of this.

Furthermore, the bill amps up the penalty for ballot harvesting to a third-degree felony, which is Punishable By Up To 5 Years In Prison, A $5,000 Fine, And Up To 5 Years Probation.

Florida has proven to be a haven for conservative talking points and values, so this bill’s passing probably shouldn’t come as a big surprise.

One has to wonder now if other states will make a similar move to protect the integrity of its elections.

If Republican leaders have their way, it’s likely we’ll see such laws fall into place in the more “red” states around the nation, where many citizens simply don’t trust our election system.

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