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NFL Just Disrespected the American Flag – Fans Upset As Old Glory Stretched Over Field, Cut into Shape of Continental U.S.

What’s Happening:

The NFL has been on the outs with millions of patriotic fans for years.

We haven’t forgotten how the league allowed entitled athletes to kneel during our National Anthem.

Well, it seems that the folks in charge haven’t learned a thing.

From The Western Journal:

During the playing of the national anthem before the game… a mammoth flag replica was unveiled on the field…

More disturbing to some viewers, there was also a major change this time: Instead of the flag’s usual rectangular shape, this version had been cut to resemble the outline of the continental United States.

Ugg. During the National Anthem, the NFL appeared to violate U.S. code by stretching the flag out across the field.

That is technically not how the flag is supposed to be displayed, even though major league sports often do that.

The flag is only supposed to be “aloft and free.”

But worse than that was how the NFL cut the flag to resemble the shape of the continental United States.

While that might be a common sight on t-shirts and coffee mugs, it is against U.S. code to cut up an American flag.

These codes exist for a reason so that the symbol of our liberty and democracy is treated with respect and care.

But the NFL appeared to callously butcher our flag for a cheap gag during a sports game.

When are these knuckleheads going to learn? Most NFL fans are fiercely loyal to our country.

They love the game, yes. But they love America more.

And cutting up the flag in such a rude way (not even properly in proportion to the country), is an insult to them.

I’m sure the NFL was hoping to put its “Anthem protest” past behind them. But it seems whoever is calling the shots still doesn’t get it.

Key Takeaways:

  • The NFL violated U.S. code with its treatment of the U.S. flag.
  • The flag was stretched out instead of unfurled and free.
  • Worse, the flag was cut up to resemble the U.S. continent.

Source: The Western Journal, Twitter

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