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Kamala Suspected By White House Of Possible “Sabotage” – Harris Team Accused Of Going After Her VP Rivals

When Kamala Harris was facing reports of her dysfunctional office, she quickly blamed Joe Biden. Her staff claimed she was failing because Joe wasn’t giving her important enough tasks.

(Even though the jobs she did get, she hasn’t done properly.)

It seems that Harris has a reputation for spreading dangerous tactics to get her way. Because now we are learning that, while she was being vetted for the VP gig, she spread slander against her rivals.

From The Washington Examiner:

During a bruising vetting process to name his vice presidential running mate in 2020, Joe Biden wondered whether advisers to Kamala Harris were behind the flood of negative press coverage that engulfed some of her well-placed rivals…

Harris’s team was known for circulating blistering opposition research on other candidates during the primary contest, driving suspicion to the top that it was behind attempts to sabotage the California senator’s rivals, according to Martin and Burns in This Will Not Pass: Trump, Biden, and the Battle for America’s Future.

Interesting. It seems, according to a new book, that Harris might have been behind deliberate attacks on other possible Biden running mates.

Biden’s team suspected a “tactical move” to slander other possible choices, including California Rep. Karen Bass.

Just as she was being considered as a running mate, news hit that she once praised Fidel Castro and the Church of Scientology.

We do know that Harris spread opposition research against her primary rivals during the presidential race. Could she have done the same when she was being considered for the VP job?

This could explain a lot. Why would Biden pick a woman who previously attacked him during the debate?

Why would he pick a woman with such an unimpressive track record?

Perhaps because all of the other options were being bashed in the press at the time. All that bad press would have hurt Biden, who was struggling for an advantage.

Now, this news is coming out, as Harris and Biden suffer huge approval losses. Americans are disgusted by the “vice president’s” performance.

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