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After White House Boosts New ‘Disinformation’ Board – Top Republican Leaders Are Waving A Red Flag

Just days after Elon Musk promised to restore free speech to Twitter, DHS Mayorkas announced a “Disinformation Governance Board.”

It seems the Biden administration is creating some kind of regulatory body to combat “disinformation.” Anyone with half a brain can see what they are trying to do.

Of course Biden and his team are excited about it. Republicans and freedom-lovers? Not So much. From Twitter:

Joe Concha on Fox News tore this new board to pieces. From YouTube:

Fox News contributor Joe Concha argues Secretary Mayorkas and board executive Nina Jankowicz are the ‘last people’ who should be leading an effort on disinformation.

Why is the Department of Homeland Security so concerned with stopping “disinformation”? That word, along with “misinformation” have been thrown around by the left over the last few years.

It appears they are using these words as an excuse to police content online. They claim they are trying to “protect” you.

But it looks awfully like an attack on free speech.

That seems to be the consensus of Republicans. Never before have we seen a presidential administration talk about controlling what is being said by Americans.

Yet Mayorkas, who has no problem leaving the border open and vulnerable, appears to be more concerned with what you can or cannot say online.

Is the Biden administration this stupid? Or do they think we are stupid?

Why would any American agree to the creation of a “governance board” with a shadowy goal of preventing “disinformation”?

Who decides what is or isn’t “disinformation”? Will they determine that opinions are “disinformation”?

And what are they going to do if they find “disinformation” online? Take it down against the wishes of the poster?

Or will they go farther?

How long before this is an obvious, outright attack on our First Amendment?

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