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GOP Rep Thomas Massie Puts John Kerry On Notice


Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) fired back John Kerry on Fox Business Network the United States Special Presidential Envoy for Climate made a stunning admission about Biden’s new bill the Inflation Reduction Act.

Massie was on Kennedy and called out Kerry saying he called him an a**hole more than once. “Let’s get sassy with Massie,” Kennedy said. “I know John Kerry is one of your favorite targets. Are you–”

“He called me an a**hole more than once,” Massie said. Kennedy started to laugh before telling him. “We’re on the air, congressman. Did no one tell you?”

Kerry said about the bill

“I’m not sure how much it has to do with inflation, but that’s OK.

“The most important parts of the IRA are very simple. Production and investment tax credits. “That, I think, is going to do more than almost anything else in the bill.

“We don’t have to have government making choices about winners and losers.

“The marketplace is going to choose.

“You, inventors and investors, are going to help move that along, and we’re going to get there.

“No government is going to solve this problem.

“The private sector is the entity that has the trillions of dollars,” he said.

According to The Financial Times:

US climate envoy John Kerry has called for reform of international financial institutions over a failure to marshal funds related to climate change, but refused to be drawn on whether the Biden administration had confidence in the World Bank leadership.

The bank, led by Trump-appointee David Malpass, has come under sustained criticism over its policies towards funding fossil fuel projects from those involved in the UN as well as climate experts such as former vice-president Al Gore, who again called for Malpass’s resignation on Tuesday.

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