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Biden Gets Trolled By Major Republican – They Just Started Selling Gas Canisters With Joe’s Picture On It

With the U.S. still in the grip of increasing inflation, the average American is now paying far more for everyday expenses.

The cost of living has risen dramatically in 2022 and gas prices especially have climbed to record highs. This remains a sore point for most citizens.

Now, One Republican Group Is Mocking The President — Though The White House Won’t Think It’s Funny.

Throughout most of this fiasco, the Biden administration has blamed jumping gas prices and other cost of living increases on the Russia/Ukraine war.

Prior to that, they typically pointed to the pandemic and the fact that America was still emerging from that difficult time.

However, millions are tired of the excuses at this point. They just want relief, and most don’t see it coming any time soon.

In response, a major arm of the Republican Party is taking a well-timed potshot at Biden.

Via The Daily Caller:

The Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC) will sell gas canisters calling attention to the rising price of fuel under the Biden administration, a promotional memorandum exclusively obtained by the Daily Caller shows.

The national average for gas hit $4.13/gallon this week, which is up $1.15 compared to this time last year.

The RSLC is taking advantage of the situation to remind everyone that the President should be to blame, despite all the finger-pointing overseas.

The canister in question shows a picture of the President with the caption, “Fuel Up Now Before Gas Hits $10/Gal.

The digital ad that goes with the can also called out Biden’s cancellation of a permit for the Keystone XL pipeline.

Added RSLC Communications Director Andrew Romeo:

Joe Biden and his liberal allies in the states continue to drive up gas prices with their war on domestic energy production, and Americans simply cannot afford the pain Democrats are causing at the pump.

The solution to lowering gas prices is electing more Republicans in the states who can hold the line against Biden’s failing agenda, but until then we hope Americans make use of these canisters and start filling up extra before gas prices skyrocket even further.

That’s only part of the Republican push to paint the President and his allies in a bad light.

On top of this, the Republican National Committee (RNC) announced in March that they’d hold voter registration drives at gas stations — another move Democrats didn’t find amusing.

The White House continues to scramble to explain high gas prices and the leaping cost of living in general, but many Americans aren’t buying their explanations.

Currently, Biden’s approval rating remains very low according to most polls.

And it isn’t likely to get any better unless domestic situations improve. If they don’t, the “red wave” could become a reality in the upcoming midterm elections.

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