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After Top Trump Opponent Drops Out – Donald Responds with a Broadside on the RINO

What’s Happening:

So far, a number of well-known Republicans have announced presidential campaigns. In addition to former President Trump, Nikki Haley is running.

Many believe Sen. Tom Cotton will throw his hat in the ring soon. As will Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Many had their eyes on another candidate, a former governor. He is considered a moderate or “RINO” to some and would have been good for the left if he had run.

But now, he is revealing his 2024 plans. From CNN:

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan said Sunday that he will not seek the Republican nomination for president in 2024, worried that his candidacy in a crowded primary could help former President Donald Trump clear the GOP field and win the nomination.

So, the RINO refuses to run, claiming it would help Donald Trump win. Trump seemed to think so too, in a different way.

From TRUTH Social:

Too bad Larry Hogan, the RINO Former Governor of Maryland, is dropping out of the Presidential Race. While he didn’t stand a chance, he would have been fun to practice on!

Trump mocked Hogan, calling him a RINO. He said the man “didn’t stand a chance,” but lamented he can “practice” on him. Trump is no doubt talking about debating Hogan during the primaries as “practice” for debating other candidates, perhaps even Joe Biden.

Speculation is high on how the GOP primaries will shake out. Trump is currently the frontrunner, being the only former president running for office. Many believe someone like Ron DeSantis can give him a run for his money. But DeSantis has yet to make an announcement.

From what we’ve seen, it doesn’t look as if any of the other candidates currently running have much of a chance against Trump. Democrats have launched as many campaigns as they can to take down Trump.

Currently, they are still trying to pin January 6 on him, run investigations against his businesses, and nail him over the classified documents issue. All so that he either can’t run or will lose enough voters so he can’t win.

But, so far, none of the smear campaigns against Trump have seen to work. His popularity has only grown since leaving office. And if Joe Biden runs for re-election, his record will be held against Trump’s.

Trump, by the way, presided over a stellar U.S. economy. Meanwhile, Biden has triggered inflation, an energy crisis, and global chaos.

Key Takeaways:

  • Former Republican Gov. Larry Hogan will not be running for president.
  • Trump mocked him on TRUTH Social, saying he would have been fun to “practice on.”
  • Several Republicans are running for the GOP primary; Trump is the frontrunner.

Source: CNN, TRUTH Social

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