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Biden Family Pork Closet Swings Wide Open – This Time Cashing In It’s Joe Biden’s Sister With Her New Memoir

We’ve learned quite a bit about Joe Biden’s son, Hunter. The former businessman is accused of using his father’s name to cash in for years.

But he’s not the only Biden using old Joe’s name and position to gain a big payday.

Some of Biden’s own siblings have been exploiting his political office for their benefit. One of his brothers landed in hot water for doing that again. And now, his sister is trying to milk Joe’s office for all its worth. With a new book.

From Fox News:

President Biden’s younger sister will kick off her book tour Thursday night in Washington, D.C., ahead of the release of her memoir next week, which could create a headache for the White House as she continues to cash in on her brother’s political career…

The upcoming book tour and expected media blitz of Owens’ memoir about growing up as a Biden comes a little over a year after the transition team’s lawyers told Vice President-elect Harris’s niece she could no longer produce clothing or write any new books with Harris’s name or likeness, the Los Angeles Times reported in early 2021.

How interesting. Last year, the White House forced Kamala Harris’ niece to stop using her likeness to sell clothing. She was even forbidden from writing new books.

Yet that same standard has not been applied to the Biden family. Joe’s son, Hunter Biden, tried to make a splash with a memoir of his own. But it flopped.

Now, Biden’s own sister, Valerie Biden Owens, is literally using his name and likeness to sell her book. The memoir is titled, “Growing Up Biden: A memoir.” On the cover is a picture of herself and Joe.

This comes after Jen Psaki claimed the Biden White House has the “highest” ethics standards. Yet they did nothing when Biden’s sister released this book.

How can anyone believe this book would be published if Biden wasn’t president? Why would anyone care about Valerie Biden’s life—if she wasn’t the sister of a vice president and “president”?

It’s hard to believe she is not doing this just to cash in on Biden’s name. Yet the White House is doing nothing.

She is even kicking off her book tour in D.C. Duh! Valerie worked for Biden and is considered one of his “confidantes.” I’m sure people will buy this book, thinking there will be plenty of stories about Joe himself.

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