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Supreme Court Rules Against D.C. Democrats – They Just Quietly Ended Liberal Plan To Give D.C. Residents Reps in Congress

What’s Happening:

The Supreme Court has reconvened and will be address major cases this Fall. Millions of Americans will be eagerly awaiting crucial decisions that will impact many areas of the country. Democrats, as you can imagine, are terrified of what the 6-3 conservative court will decide.

All year long, we’ve watched Democrats try one desperate power grab after another.

We shouldn’t be surprised that they are looking for new ways to throw off the balance of power. One major trick has been to find ways of expanding their majority in Congress so that Republicans could never win again.

But one of those tricks just got shot down by the SCOTUS.

From CNN:

The Supreme Court on Monday rejected a long shot bid from registered voters in the District of Columbia who sought the ability to elect representatives to Congress…

A lower court ruled against the voters, holding that they do not live in a “state.”

The court rejected the appeal without comment.

Ouch. Voters in Washington launched a lawsuit in order to add new representatives to Congress. Clearly, the overwhelmingly corrupt, liberal city would have added many more Democrats to our government. This was a clear attempt by local swamp dwellers to expand their lead.

But the Supreme Court shot them down without even a comment.

Democrats have been trying for years to find new ways to add representatives and senators to Congress. D.C. is an obvious choice because the city does not have direct reps or senators. But a lower court rejected this bid because residents simply do not live in a state.

Besides that, should on city be able to elect voting members to Congress? Every state gets two senators and a number of reps based on population. That would create a serious imbalance if one city was able to have the same power as an entire state.

Democrats have tried to push legislation through Congress to even make D.C. a state. An even more ludicrous scheme. The Democrat-controlled House, of course, passed this legislation in April. But it will probably never see the light of day in the Senate.

While they failed this time, don’t be fooled. Democrats will try to find new ways of watering down our democracy.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Supreme Court shot down a bid to let D.C. voters elect their own congress members.
  • A lower court had ruled against them, as the city is not a state.
  • Democrats have long tried to add more members to Congress.

Source: CNN

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