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Hillary Clinton Goes After Trump During Funeral – During Eulogy For Madeleine Albright She Warns About Stopping ‘Demagogues’

It looked as if Hillary Clinton was making something of a comeback earlier in the year. But she subtly disappeared for a while—after John Durham made some stunning announcements.

The old crow might be bidding her time. But she still feels the need to grab attention, wherever she can.

She even hijacked the funeral of a respected stateswoman—to push her political views. Ironically, she only slammed her own part.

From NY Post:

Hillary Clinton on Wednesday injected partisan politics to the funeral of diplomat Madeleine Albright, the nation’s first female secretary of state, saying “fascism” could dominate the United States if “dictators and demagogues” aren’t stopped — taking a clear swipe at former President Donald Trump and his allies…

“She knew better than most and she warned us in her book on fascism that yes, it can happen here and time and courage are of the essence,” Clinton said in a eulogy at Washington National Cathedral.

Hilarious. During a speech at Madeleine Albright’s funeral, Clinton warned about “fascism” in America. She claimed we could fall under fascism if “dictators and demagogues” aren’t stopped.

Obviously she was referencing her old nemesis, 45th President Donald Trump. Clinton was humiliated by Trump after he defeated her in 2016.

Ironically, though, many believe nothing Trump did in office actually constitutes “fascism,” a system of government that crushes dissent by denying citizens their rights.

But who is doing just that? According to Republicans, the Democrats. Many believe Americans were denied their constitutional rights by locking down businesses, schools, and churches.

Joe Biden trampled on our rights with his infamous mandates. Even now, his disgraced DHS director is pushing a “Disinformation Governance Board” in a direct swipe at free speech.

Who are the real “dictators and demagogues”? Not Donald Trump, who is currently a private citizen living at Mar-A-Largo.

Hillary Clinton’s own history hints that she herself is a would-be dictator. One of her idols was Saul Alinsky, a socialist who advocated radical upheaval.

Clinton’s long pushed hate speech—a ruse for clamping down on the 1st Amendment. Once again, the old crow lacks even an ounce of self-awareness.

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