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Democrat Midterm Voting Plan Tumbles Out – They Are Accused Of Paying Average Americans To Convince People To Vote

Democrats are running out of ideas. That much is obvious. After running the country for over a year, unopposed, they are facing serious losses this November.

This is because their plans for the country fail again and again. They ignore what Americans are saying to push radical socialism and other disasters.

You’d think they would change their platform to win over voters. Instead, they are paying people to convince their families to vote.

From Politico:

A group of Democratic strategists is trying to spread a novel organizing tactic in this year’s election. Technically, it’s called “paid relational organizing,” but it boils down to this: paying people to talk to their friends about politics…

The Progressive Turnout Project, another canvassing group, is putting $1 million behind a paid relational program in Georgia, Arizona and Nevada — top battleground states this fall. Red Wine and Blue, a group focused on organizing suburban moms, is also working with them on a volunteer relational program.

Pathetic. Democrats are so out of ideas they have resorted to basically bribing people to bother their families about politics. It’s bad enough that Thanksgiving dinners are ruined by political arguments.

Now, you’ll have to put up with that obnoxious liberal uncle or cousin—because they are being paid to annoy you.

Sure, they’ll try to cover for it by “hiring” voting organizers—but they’re just paying normal people to convince their friends and families to vote for Democrats.

Liberals are trying this scheme in Georgia, Arizona, Nevada, and even Texas. Instead of actually building a platform that connects with voters, they are just throwing money at the problem.

Meanwhile, Republicans are developing a new “Contract with America.” They are working overtime to seek out and connect with voters, promising to put their interests first.

Democrats think they can pay your neighbors into badgering you into voting blue. But after endless lockdowns and mandates, skyrocketing inflation, an open border, and war overseas—I doubt it’s going to work.

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