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Joe Manchin Sends Democrats Into A Tailspin – They’ve All But Given Up Hope Of Passing Their Agenda


The days are slipping away. Soon, the midterm elections will be held.

Democrats are desperate to get anything passed before they are voted out of power.

But they need the support of one senator to get much of Biden’s agenda done. But this Senator Is Not Playing Ball One Bit.

From The Hill:

Several Democratic senators say they are growing dispirited about the prospect of Manchin ever giving the greenlight to moving a budget reconciliation package…

Democratic senators received little information about where talks on the budget reconciliation package stood during their Tuesday lunch meeting… Manchin missed much of that meeting…

“The bottom line is I am a West Virginia Democrat. I’m not a Washington Democrat. And I’m not a very liberal person. I’m more of a centrist. I’m fiscally responsible and socially compassionate,” he added.

Ouch. Democrats are feeling the pain from this news! Progressives in D.C. are trying to get something done before they rush home and fight for their jobs.

But they need Sen. Joe Manchin, a Democrat from conservative West Virginia, to get something through the Senate.

It doesn’t seem Manchin is at all interested in their radical agenda. He has remained noncommittal to passing a spending bill.

Democrats held a meeting this week to discuss the process. Manchin missed much of that meeting.

He talked about how he was friends with Republicans and Democrats. He even said he doesn’t consider himself a “very liberal person.”

Manchin called himself a “centrist,” something we rarely see from Democrats, these days.

We know why he’s trying to stay in the middle. West Virginia is a conservative state that voted for Trump in 2016 and 2020.

Manchin can’t afford to be a radical leftist—and keep the folks back home happy.

More than that, it doesn’t seem as if he even agrees with Biden’s socialist spending plans. And considering how aggressive progressive Democrats are, I doubt they will ever be able to make a deal with Manchin.


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