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Democrats ‘Dark Money’ Donations Come Out – New Report Before 2022 Midterms Spotlights Liberal Billionaire Wyss

Democrats have often complained of “dark money” influencing American politics. Dark money is a method big donors use to filter money into political action committees and campaigns. The money is shifted from one group to another, and the original donor’s name is hidden.

This has given rise to fears that our leaders are being controlled by “dark money” donors—instead of listening to the will of the people.

Yet for all of the left’s bellyaching, what have they done to stop this practice? Um… let me see… oh, nothing, nothing at all. Democrats in Congress have not tried to pass legislation ending “dark money” donations. In fact, a major billionaire donated a significant amount in 2020, through “dark money” means. And it all went to the left.

From Politico:

The nonprofit organization founded by billionaire megadonor Hansjörg Wyss gave grants totaling $56 million to other groups on the left in its 2020 fiscal year, including eight figures in contributions to one of liberals’ biggest hubs of “dark money.”

Sixteen Thirty Fund spent widely on a range of liberal causes, from swing-state TV ads and left-leaning ballot measures, to campaigns opposing Trump’s judicial picks and his health care and tax policies. It played a major role in the 2018 midterms as well, when Democrats flipped control of the House of Representatives.

A megadonor Hansjörg Wyss created a nonprofit called Berger Action Fund. The group moved $56 million in donations to various liberal groups in 2020. A new report shows that $31 million went to Sixteen Thirty Fund. This once-small group became massively influential after that. It used the money from Bergan Action Fund to push liberal causes.

Thanks to this dark money, Democrats were able to air smear ads, propaganda against judicial nominees, support leftist ballot measures, and more. And while Wyss created the Berger Action Fund, thanks to being a nonprofit, he does not have to disclose who is donating to it. Both these groups are allowed to receive millions of dollars in donations, and not tell anyone where it’s coming from.

These groups’ efforts benefit the left and Democrat candidates. Who knows where the money is coming from? It isn’t all coming from Wyss—although his work gives him tremendous influence over politics already. Is this money coming from China? From Russia? How do we know donors from Iran aren’t influencing American politics?

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