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Democrat Midterm Chances Just Took A Nosedive – Two Major Voting Groups Switch Teams: Latinos And 45+ Voters


With each passing week, it seems like another report shows a bleak outlook for Democrats during the upcoming midterm elections.

Experts and insiders often predict that Republicans will flip the House, and maybe the Senate. And President Biden’s approval ratings continue to flag.

Now, A New Poll Shows That Republicans Have Gained Yet Another Edge.

Usually, the Democrat Party can count on certain voting groups during elections. They’ve traditionally been able to count on these citizens over the years.

The tide is turning for some of those groups, however, if recent surveys are accurate.

For example, while Democrats have often turned to the minority vote to get their candidates elected, that hasn’t been working as well recently.

We’ve heard reports of African-Americans abandoning Democrats, and the same goes for another minority group.

From Fox News (citing an NPR and Marist poll):

Asked which party they are likely to vote for in their district, 52% of Latino voters said they would choose a Republican compared to 39% who said their preference was for a Democrat.

Democrats also trail among voters under 45-years-old, with 50% saying they would choose a Republican compared to 40% who said they plan to vote for a Democrat.

This could be hugely problematic for the left, come November.

Not only are more Latino citizens moving away from Democrats, it also appears as if the blue team is losing the younger generation, too.

And for a while now, we’ve seen a significant lead among Independent voters as well; that’s reflected in this latest poll:

The Survey Says That 45 Percent Of Independents Would Vote For A Republican, While Only 38 Percent Would Go Democrat.

Of note, Democrats have typically outstripped the GOP in the generic congressional ballot. This is the first time Republicans have led the poll since 2014.

By the way, that’s also when Republicans regained control of both the House and Senate — which could very well happen again this fall.

It doesn’t help the Democrats that President Joe Biden’s job performance numbers are still low, with more than half the voters saying they disapprove.

Given the ongoing inflation and cost of living problems, more potential disaster at the border, and other lingering domestic issues, it’s very possible that the country wants a change in leadership.

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