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Fauci Makes an Admission About COVID Shots

Fauci Admits COVID Shots Didn’t Have a Chance of Controlling the Pandemic: ‘Scientific and Public Health Failure’

Dr. Anthony Fauci has made himself the voice of science and the face of COVID. He wore it as a badge of honor for several years — working closely with President Joe Biden, the FDA and the CDC to institute policies impacting several thousand to more than a million Americans.

Today, however, most vilified him, begrudgingly admitting that his policies, mandates and vaccines were ineffective in bringing the pandemic under control.

The latest admission was made in a recent publication that some believe is an attempt to get in front of the information curve before he is subpoenaed to appear before the new Congress, which he is likely to find markedly unfriendlier than when Nancy Pelosi served as speaker.

Fauci and Biden administration officials repeatedly touted the importance and value of masks, closures and vaccines. However, in a paper published on Jan 11 by the Cell Press, Fauci acknowledges that “respiratory viruses like SARS-CoV-2 and the flu have never been well-contained by vaccines,” according to the Daily Caller.


Fauci, and co-authors David Morens and Jeffrey Taubenberger of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) wrote:

“Because these viruses generally do not elicit complete and durable protective immunity by themselves, they have not to date been effectively controlled by licensed or experimental vaccines.”

The paper, titled “Rethinking next-generation vaccines for coronaviruses, influenza viruses, and other respiratory viruses,” acknowledges shortcomings in vaccine effectiveness for respiratory viruses. The authors compare SARS-CoV-2 to influenza, for which they say “only less than suboptimal vaccines” exist.

In the paper, Fauci admits: “There is little hope for existing vaccines to prevent [COVID].”

Fauci added: “This observation raises a question of fundamental importance: if natural mucosal respiratory virus infections do not elicit complete and long-term protective immunity against reinfection, how can we expect vaccines, especially systemically administered non-replicating vaccines, to do so?”

The frank comments vary greatly from what has been the Biden Administration, CDC, FDA, NIH and WHO narrative since 2020. Notably, all federal agencies continue to endorse vaccines — even for healthy young children and despite increased reports of adverse reactions.

Fauci’s paper ends by noting that “Past unsuccessful attempts to elicit solid protection” against the COVID virus is a scientific and public health failure” but that our scientists are encouraged by recent work to rethink the process “from the ground up” and move forward.

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