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Biden Quietly Plans To “Fix” Afghan Vetting Failures – Joe Still Wants To Give Refugees Up To 85,000 Green Cards

As the world continues to focus on skyrocketing inflation and the Roe v. Wade debate, there’s another crisis that demands attention.

The ongoing border crisis remain in full effect according to most DHS authorities, and things could get a lot worse if the Biden administration lifts Title 42.

Now, There’s Another Issue With Refugees — And These Could Pose An Even Graver Security Risk.

Before Russia invaded Ukraine, the Democrats on Capitol Hill faced another foreign disaster: the Taliban invading and taking over Afghanistan.

The fallout hasn’t been forgotten, as many still condemn the President’s team for a botched evacuation and leaving tons of military equipment behind.

But There’s Another Consequence:

Many thousands of Afghan refugees have since come to the U.S., and some reports are saying they got in without proper vetting.

And yet, despite that failure, it seems Biden still wants to hand out a mountain of green cards. Via Breitbart:

President Joe Biden is seeking to provide green cards to tens of thousands of Afghans who were quickly resettled in American communities over the last eight months amid a federal investigation that found many have possible ties to terrorism and were not properly vetted.

This news didn’t make national headlines, likely because it wasn’t a big announcement from the White House.

Instead, this came in the form of a quiet funding request: the President has asked Congress to approve $33 billion in relief aid for Ukraine.

On the surface, that has nothing to do with Afghan refugees in America.

However, Part Of The Plan Gives Afghans “Humanitarian Parole” And Would Then Be “Allowed To Adjust Their Immigration Status To Obtain Lawful Permanent Residence.”

Basically, that’s a green card.

The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) has a big problem with this move. As strongly stated by FAIR rep Dan Stein:

These are not people who lent material support to U.S. forces during the 20 years we spent in Afghanistan.

Rather, many are random people who arrived in the United States after the Taliban takeover, and were admitted under the Biden administration’s widely abused power of parole.

To date, more than 85,000 Afghans across 46 states have been resettled in American communities.

There are plans to settle many thousands more over the course of the next decade. But again, the vetting failures have been getting lots of attention.

This latest report shows that 50 Afghans have been “flagged for significant security concerns,” and “most” of the unvetted refugees have possible Taliban ties.

As a result, many are concerned with Biden’s plan to allow for permanent residence in this country.

On top of which, the cost to American taxpayers is massive: every 5 years, resettlement costs us almost $9 billion. And the report also claims that citizens on average pay about $133k for each refugee over the course of their lives.

Now, it seems like Biden wants to simply ignore the vetting issues and give out the green cards — which many say is a dangerous idea.

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