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Days After Supreme Court Justice Breyer Retires – The Liberal Lands A New Job Right Away At Prestigious Harvard

Former Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer retired from the bench. We assumed it was because he had reached an age when he wanted to remove himself from public life—and work.

But we also know that he was pressured by the left to leave, so Biden could replace him with a far-left justice. Now, it seems like he isn’t done working because he just got a swanky new job.

From Daily Wire:

Recently retired Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer landed a new job late last week following his 42 years serving as a federal judge.

Breyer is returning to his alma mater, Harvard University, where he has been named the Byrne Professor of Administrative Law and Process at Harvard Law School, effective immediately.

Well, it looks like Harvard is using its billions of dollars in endowment to good use. Immediately after Breyer retired from the Supreme Court, he was given a job at the left-leaning University.

According to Harvard, Breyer (who was too old to stay on the bench) will teach seminars, reading groups, and write scholarly books.

Not to mention “participate in the intellectual life of the school.”

Sounds like a lot of work for an 83-year-old man. While he is probably not going to teach day to day, as much younger professors do, this still seems like a loaded schedule.

Breyer was pressured by the left to step down from the Supreme Court. Could it be that this was offered in exchange?

There’s no way for us to know. But it does seem convenient that immediately after he does what the liberal establishment wanted him to do, he was given this cozy job.

Most men at his age are happy living out the rest of their days in quiet and comfort. Breyer would rather teach and work at the busiest university in America.

Maybe he could have stayed on the bench a bit longer… but that would have interfered with the left’s plans.

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