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Judge Makes Major Decision In Clinton Case – Hillary Documents Her Campaign Tried To Conceal Will Be Reviewed

The saga concerning attorney Michael Sussman and the Hillary Clinton campaign just keeps trucking along.

Special Counsel John Durham has been pushing to make strides in his case, even though it has taken several years to really create some progress.

Now, The Judge Has Allowed Durham And His Team To Take Another Step Forward.

Sussman has been charged with lying to the FBI in 2016 about his reasons for giving the bureau supposed evidence of the Trump organization communicating with Russia’s Alfa Bank.

Since that time, some sources have claimed this evidence has been completely debunked.

The documents in question – which Durham has been asking for – are currently protected under attorney-client privilege. And that has been a problem.

But the judge has decided to finally review this evidence.

Via The Daily Wire:

The judge in the case of attorney Michael Sussmann will review a batch of Clinton campaign emails and other documents to determine whether they were improperly concealed from the court.

This is a significant victory for Durham’s team, who can now view the emails in an “in camera” setting, or in some private area that the press can’t access.

The docs in question feature 30 “internal Fusion emails” along with 8 emails sent between Sussman and tech executive Rodney Joffe, who is accused of helping Sussman amass faulty data.

This decision could represent a huge break for Durham, and potentially bad news for Sussman and the Clinton campaign.

Most remember the Trump/Russia narrative and many Republican leaders say this was supported – and possibly created – by the Clinton campaign, in order to damage Trump’s chances.

And the “evidence” they needed might’ve been invented by Sussman and his colleagues — and now, we might be inching closer to learning the truth.

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