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Democrats Rocked by Terrible Trump Indictment News – The Constitution Just Took Sides for 2024

Why are Democrats indicting Trump over paperwork? Have you ever stopped and considered what their endgame is? Do they expect a jury to convict him? Do they think they can send him to jail?

Many Americans believe Democrats are doing this to stop Trump from getting re-elected. But if he is convicted, does that mean he can’t run for president or take office if elected? Legal experts are trying to make sense of the left’s agenda. And Democrats just ran into a constitutional brick wall.

From Daily Wire:

The U.S. Constitution requires a person to be a natural-born citizen, at least 35 years old, and a resident of the U.S. for at least 14 years. While the Constitution specifies that certain things disqualify a person from being elected president, none of them apply to Trump’s criminal case — as long as he at least avoids impeachment by the House followed by a conviction in the Senate.

Even if Democrats get Trump convicted over this documents controversy, it can’t stop him from running for president or holding office. The Constitution sets certain requirements for the office of the president.

And there is nothing in there that says someone convicted of the crimes Democrats are throwing at Trump can’t hold office.

In fact, it appears the only thing barring Trump from serving again is if the House impeaches him and the Senate convicts him. Democrats impeached Trump twice, but he was never convicted in the Senate.

This makes us wonder, again, why Democrats are doing this. Do they really believe Trump is the criminal they claim he is? Or is this yet another ploy, in an endless series of ploys, to discredit Trump before the American public?

It is very likely that Democrats are stirring up the biggest crap storm they’ve ever kicked up, just to discourage voters from electing Trump. If that is really the case, this is the worst form of election interference we’ve ever seen.

Democrats are potentially abusing the justice system, accusing an innocent man of a variety of crimes, all to manipulate voters.

That sounds much worse than anything they’ve accused Trump of doing.

The only question we have left, then, is whether will voters fall for this trick.

Key Takeaways:

  • Trump can still run for president and take office, despite the left’s indictment.
  • The Constitution does not bar a person from becoming president if convicted of the charges Democrats are throwing at him.
  • Many Americans believe the indictment is politically motivated, to stop Trump from winning.

Source: Daily Wire

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