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After Democrat Activists Go After SCOTUS Justices – The U.S. Senate Unanimously Approves Expanding Their Security


Democrats quickly organized to intimidate Supreme Court justices after the Roe leak. The goal was obvious: to coerce the court to change its ruling on the longstanding decision.

Leftists—violating federal law—protested outside justices’ homes, posing a threat to their safety.

Joe Biden failed to condemn this adequately. But the Senate quickly moved to show they were on the court’s side.

From East Bay Times:

Members of the US Senate passed a bipartisan bill Monday that would expand security protection to the immediate family members of Supreme Court justices, following protests at some justices’ homes over the weekend…

“We must act to ensure Justices and their families are protected from those who wish to cause them harm by extending Supreme Court police security to family members.”

The entire Senate voted to pass a bill that expanded security for the Supreme Court. Hmm… why would they need to do this, unless they knew “protesters” would want to harm the justices?

And who is behind these protests? Activist groups that have the backing of the Democratic Party.

It’s unclear if this bill will become law. A version needs to pass through the House and then reach Biden’s desk.

The House might not even bother to bring this to vote, considering the state that it’s in. Pelosi has done nothing of significance in the last two years.

She has wasted time on a bogus “commission” in trying to frame Donald Trump. On top of that, she appears to be on the side of protesters, saying they need to “pressure” the Supreme Court.

Joe Biden might not sign a bill into law. He gave a weak defense of the court when protests broke out. His outgoing press secretary refused to condemn threats against the justices.

Only later did she tweet out a response saying Biden was against attempts to harm the justices. But he came short of condemning attempts to manipulate the court’s decisions.

Again, this is a violation of federal law—to protest for the purposes of manipulating a judge or jury. Yet Democrats are ignoring the very laws on the books, in the hopes of scaring the justices into protecting Roe.

As it stands, the court still seems set to overturn Roe v. Wade, sending the issue of abortion to the states. But that won’t stop Democrat activists from protesting, perhaps even rioting.

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