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Baby Formula Shortage Rocks Biden White House – Psaki And Joe’s Response Seems Completely Clueless

If there’s one thing the Biden administration will be remembered for, it will be jumping from one disaster to the next. And more importantly, failing one disaster response after the next.

At this point I guess we should just expect it, but every time a new problem arises I’m stunned by the incompetence.

Currently, we are being plagued by a baby formula shortage, and it’s causing extreme concern among all families with newborns.

What’s even worse? Check out these responses from the Biden administration with his Dodger in Chief, Jen Psaki…

“On the formula shortage…you said that this is been something that’s been in the works for several months, mostly through the FDA. When was the first time the President was briefed on the shortage?

Psaki: “I’m not going to get into internal briefings.”

Oh, well thanks Jen. Real big help you are.

That has seemed to be the game plan for these conferences for a while now. Just give vague answers, say that you’ll have to get back to them, and then never own up to any problem ever.

I love this reply in the comments:

Top secret baby formula. Got it.  What a joke!

Ed went on to press her with more follow-up questions and she of course gives the most vague answer ever.

“He would have known about this before this week? It wasn’t like this suddenly popped up?”

Psaki: “This is something the administration has been working on for some time now.”

Oh so they have known about this problem for a while now but yet we are still having a major issue with seemingly very little being done about the problem.

I’m not sure she realizes that this makes the administration look even worse. Surely she realizes that she continues to make the administration look like a joke right?

Regardless, without a President who has his wits about him I do not think anything meaningful could get done anyhow. I just hope our next President can finish a complete sentence.


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