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Joe Biden And His Democrats Swamped By New Wave – Latest National Polls Just Crashed Through The Floor

Let’s face it, Joe Biden is a failed president. He’s had so many chances to repair his reputation since last summer. Instead, he seems to have gone out of his way to make life miserable for millions of Americans to prove his progressive credentials.

Democrats keep trying to sway the narrative to help them. But when people can’t even buy baby formula, no amount of propaganda is going to fix it. Now, after wave after wave of failure, Biden’s numbers are even worse.

From Breitbart:

An NBC News poll released Sunday shows Biden’s job approval rating has plunged to a fresh low, with just 39 percent of Americans approving of the job he’s doing and 56 percent disapproving.

Those numbers represents the lowest mark of his presidency.

On top of that, a record-setting number of Americans say we are on the wrong track.

From Twitter:

NBC News Poll: 75 percent say country is on wrong track — HIGHEST number since 2008. Just 16 percent say country is on right track — LOWEST since 2008 NBC pollster: “It is a flashing red light when you see a number like this. Americans are telling us this is as bad as 2008”

Biden’s approval in a new NBC poll is the lowest they’ve ever given him, with only 39% approving. A whopping 56% disapprove. That’s pretty bad, considering outlets like NBC oversample Democrat voters.

In the same poll, NBC revealed that 75% of Americans say we are on the wrong track. Only 16% say we are on the right track.

I guess that 16% don’t need baby formula, gas in their cars, or food on the table.

It seems Democrats thought the Roe leak would help them. Apparently, they assumed enough Americans loved abortion that they could make that a winning issue.

Not from anything we’ve seen. Millions of Americans have prayed for Roe v. Wade to be overturned. The rest of us just want to be able to afford a cheeseburger.

Biden has done no good since entering office. In fact, many claim he is deliberately working against Americans.

How can you blame them, when you see Biden go out of his way to make our lives worse? Who has been benefiting from his policies?

Radical environmentalists, progressive activists, and globalists. So… not Americans.

We’re not surprised these numbers are so low. We are surprised they aren’t lower.

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