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After Florida Strips Disney Of Their Privileges – The Mouse House Doubles Down Comes Out With Kids Pride Clothes

Florida struck back against Disney after the Hollywood company tried to undermine a law protecting children. Apparently, the “family-friendly” company was opposed to a law banning sexuality and gender issues from being discussed in public schools.

The state revoked the company’s special status. But the “House of the Mouse” is far from done pushing homosexuality onto children.

From Fox News:

Disney released a new LGBTQ+ clothing line for children on Monday amid the company’s feud with Florida Republicans and Gov. Ron DeSantis over the state’s new parental rights law.

The clothing line features the rainbow Pride flag printed on T-shirts, baby clothes, bracelets, sweaters, socks, backpacks and other items.

Wow. I guess we know which side Disney’s on. The company once celebrated for wholesome, family content, is now selling a line of clothing celebrating the LGBT community.

The clothing features trademarked Disney brands in the “rainbow flag” colors of the gay movement.

This comes after Disney executives admitted to their goal of pushing gay characters in all of their content. Many parents believe this is simply an attempt to indoctrinate children into this lifestyle.

But it has come at a huge price. Americans are losing respect for the company, as it sees its fortunes fall.

From Twitter:

The share of Americans with a favorable impression of Disney has collapsed from 77% last year to just 33% today. This is catastrophic reputational damage—and a warning to other companies about the cost of going woke.

This has not yet equated to actual dollars and cents. But it would be unlikely for Disney to maintain its success, with that kind of drop in favorability.

Now, with this new “pride” clothing lineup, Disney is really set to alienate customers from all spectrums of culture and beliefs.


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