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Joe Manchin Wrecks His Party’s Plans Again – This Time The Senator Is Standing Up For Your 2nd Amendment

Joe Manchin might not be a reliable Republican (being he’s a Democrat). But he’s as close as you can come and still have that “D” at the end of your name.

He voted against Biden’s radical plans for hijacking our elections and pushing extreme socialist programs. Manchin also recently refused to vote for the Democrats’ radical abortion bill.

Now, he is refusing to support their latest attempts at destroying the Second Amendment.

From The Hill:

Manchin says the pared-down proposal to expand background checks that he helped negotiate in 2013 in the hope of getting support from the National Rifle Association is the only reform that has a chance of passing the 50-50 Senate, undercutting Democrats’ hopes of passing broader legislation…

Manchin’s stance means that Democrats won’t likely get his support for the broader background checks bill passed by the House in March of last year and certainly not for more ambitious proposals to ban assault-style rifles or large-capacity ammo magazines.

Democrats are trying to pass strict gun control measures, just months before the midterm elections. They seem to think that if they rip firearms from Americans, that will help them win.

(Or, more likely, they are trying to get gun control passed now, before they lose their majority.)

But Sen. Joe Manchin refuses to support a broad background check bill passed by the House last year. Instead, he is urging Congress to pass a far more moderate bill he co-sponsored years ago.

This bill, drafted way back in 2013, garnered the support of the NRA. It would expand background checks but appears to avoid stricter limits on firearm ownership.

Democrats are eager to not only force tough background checks on all sales (even private sales) but to ban “assault weapons” and high-capacity magazines.

Manchin is strongly opposed to those measures, stating they have no chance of passing. He also condemned Congress for not addressing other causes of mass shootings, such as mental illness.

This is yet another blow to the left’s aggressive agenda, and just before the midterm elections.

As we get closer to November, Democrats have fewer chances of getting anything done under Joe Biden.

If Republicans retake the House and Senate, that’s it. Biden’s already failed presidency becomes a lame duck for the next two years.

This was their last chance to degrade the 2nd Amendment for years. And Manchin put a stop to it.

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