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Trump Delivers Unexpected Global Speech – Donald Just Spoke Against Socialism And Communism In Video Address To Hungary

The Left tried its best to get rid of Trump. But it’s pretty clear they lost big time.

Trump has his own social media platform, for crying out loud. He appears at rallies all over the country, endorsing (winning) candidates.

And to the surprise of many, he Gave An Unexpected Speech for a convention in Hungary. And he blasted the rise of communism.

From Breitbart:

In a surprise address to the conservative CPAC conference taking place in Hungary on Friday, former U.S. President Donald Trump described how both his nation and the world were facing the issues of “socialism” and “communism”…

“We’re looking to stop a lot of the problems that are going on in the world — including in the United States — socialism and even communism if you look at it really deeply,” Trump said…

“Just keep up the good work, keep up the fight. and I’ll see you soon.”

Trump gave a surprise address to attendees of a CPAC convention in Hungary. During the speech, he blasted the rise of “socialism” and “communism” in America.

He also praised the efforts of Viktor Orbán of Hungary, for fighting socialist influences from taking hold there.

Several European counties have broken from the rest by opposing socialism and other forms of collectivism. Hungary joins countries like Poland, which are Fighting For Their Traditional Values and way of life.

Trump could not attend the event in person, but promised he’d see them “soon.” It’s unclear what he meant by that.

The event also saw appears of Brexit leader Nigel Farage and Fox News’ Tucker Carlson.

It’s pretty surprising to see such a Strong Conservative Movement Like CPAC Hosting an event in Europe. But that should be a sign that populism and traditional values are growing across the globe.


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