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Kamala Turns Heads With Comment On Your Children – She Goes Full Socialist Calls Them “Children Of The Community”

Kamala Harris is giving Biden a run for his money: in the “What-the-heck-did-they-say?” category. She is racking up more gaffes and fumbled comments than the man himself.

And she’s not getting better. A woman who prides herself on being a “leader” can’t even make sense.

But when she does make sense, it’s even worse. Just take this recent event, when she spoke about children.

From Townhall:

Speaking during an event at Children’s National Hospital in Washington D.C. Monday, Vice President Kamala Harris made some interesting comments about children “of the community.”

The event was part of Mental Health Awareness month. Recent studies show government lockdowns and restrictions in response the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic, which the Biden administration strongly enforced and supported, wreaked havoc on the mental health of children and teenagers.

It seems like Harris was trying to address the damage to mental health children experienced during lockdowns.

But instead of talking about that, she called our children, “children of the community.” What was she even talking about?

Was she taking responsibility for all the hardship children faced thanks to lockdowns, mask mandates, and forced vaccinations?

Of course, not. Instead, she might have been encouraging that kind of treatment, suggesting that our kids belong to the “community.”

That’s more likely the case. Democrats don’t seem to think parents really have the final say in how children should be treated.

They bombard children with inappropriate content, including “critical race theory.” Liberal teachers’ unions and school boards don’t even like it when parents speak up about what is being taught.

And we all know about how some schools tried to subject children to things that their parents wouldn’t have approved of—had they known about it.

Why do Democrats cross the line on this issue, again and again? Because, like Harris said.

These aren’t your children, they are “children of the community.”

She might not have been making sense. But what she did let slip out speaks volumes of the left’s agenda.

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