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Clinton Campaign Trial Rocked By ‘Crimson Rhino’ File – Evidence Comes Out That Greenlit 2016 Investigation Into President Trump


John Durham has been chasing down “Russiagate” leads for years. His biggest break came in the form of charges against Michael Sussmann, former lawyer to Hillary Clinton.

Sussmann’s trial is soon to wrap, but numerous revelations have come out over the last few days. One bombshell reveals that the FBI greenlit their investigation against Trump, based on false information.

From OANN:

The link between the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Russia collusion narrative got clearer in day seven of the trial. Taking the limelight in the courtroom was a file titled ‘Crimson Rhino.’ This file was reportedly basis for the investigation into the 2016 campaign and was provided to former top FBI lawyer James Baker from Sussmann…

Hydie reportedly wrote a memo that formally kicked off his office’s investigation. He admitted to writing a typographical error when he said the information came from the Department of Justice and not Sussmann. That caused confusion within the FBI where officers thought they were doing research for the federal government not a political actor.

The “Crimson Rhino” is a file that formed the basis of the FBI’s investigation into Donald Trump, which was the basis for accusing Trump of colluding with Russia.

What we are now learning is that an FBI agent named Kurt Hydie submitted this file to the agency, in order to trigger an investigation. Yet, mysteriously, he claimed the file came from the Department of Justice, not Sussmann.

He is claiming it was a “typographical error.” Bull. I write for a living and there is no way I’d “accidentally” type “Department of Justice” instead of “Michael Sussmann.

Hydie was forced to admit that the “mistake” “created a lot of confusion” for the case which “may not have had otherwise.”

Meaning, had he admitted that the data came from a lawyer connected with Hillary Clinton, the agency wouldn’t have even pursued it.

They would have suspected this was simply opposition research tainted by politics. The entire Russian collusion hoax might never have spread, casting a shadow over Trump’s entire presidency.

But will Hydie be held accountable for this “error”? Will the people behind this ugly, undemocratic scheme be brought to justice?

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