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Swing State 2022 Election Alert: 5 GOP Governor Candidates Kicked Off Their Own Primary Ballot In The State Of Michigan

We know that the upcoming midterms are crucial for our country. And that Democrats are facing crushing defeats.

So, instead of trying to win back voters, they are pulling any trick they can to get an upper hand. In one swing state, a small board is blocking 5 Republicans from appearing on their own party’s primary ballots.

But the GOP is not backing down.

From PJ Media:

The Michigan Board of State Canvassers has disqualified five Republican candidates for governor because of invalid signatures, including presumed front-runners former Detroit police chief James Craig and wealthy businessman Perry Johnson.

The vote to disqualify was tied 2-2 along party lines, but because there was no affirmative majority vote, the candidate’s names will not be on the ballot…

The matter is going to court but time is growing very short. There is a June 3 deadline for the ballots to be finalized for the Aug. 2 primary.

A board of just four people voted to block five Republican candidates from appearing on their own party’s primary ballots. The vote was split 2-2, but a majority vote is needed to keep their names on the ballot.

Investigators are claiming 36 petition circulators for 10 candidates committed “intentional forgery.” They are saying they signed “random names on petition sheets.”

But it’s not as cut-and-dry as it sounds. The investigators only looked at 7,000 of the supposed 68,000 “forged” signatures

Because those 7,000 were deemed fraudulent, all of the signatures by these circulators were thrown out, leaving these candidates in the dust.

These GOP candidates are taking this matter to court, but the clock is ticking. There is a June 3 deadline for the August 2 primary.

A judge can overrule this decision, and even push back the deadline if necessary. But the court will have to move fast to even get to this ruling.

It’s hard not to believe the Democrats on this board are using these unclear state rules to their advantage. They only looked at a fraction of the signatures—an obvious problem.

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