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Hollywood Star Pete Davidson Slams Into Side of Beverly Hills House With Mercedes

Hollywood star Pete Davidson was driving at ‘a high rate of speed’ through Beverly Hills last night before he took out a fire hydrant and slammed into a home in the expensive zip code.

Davidson was speeding through a residential neighborhood when en jumped a curbed and crashed into the side of a home. His girlfriend Chase Sui-Wonders was in the car when it crashed.

According to a TMZ report, Davidson, 29, was behind the wheel of a Mercedes when he crashed in the Flats neighborhood of Bev Hills. Drugs and alcohol are not believed to be involved.

According to TMZ:

“He lost control of the vehicle … which hopped a curb, took out a fire hydrant and then proceeded to slam into the side of a nearby house …

“Dragging across the lawn and leaving skid marks on the grass.

“Based on photos of the crash site, obtained by TMZ, it doesn’t appear Pete went into the property …

“But our sources say he did strike it and caused damage.

“Thankfully, nobody was hurt — be it outside or in the home.”






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