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Joe Biden Makes Concerning Constitution Claim – Joe Just Suggested The 2nd Amendment “Was Never Absolute”

Ever since the Uvalde shooting tragedy, Washington has been in turmoil. The gun rights debate has exploded again, and 2A is on the debate block.

President Joe Biden recently made a few claims about the Second Amendment that are turning heads, too.

That’s because fact-checkers are calling a few of those comments into question, and Biden made one particularly concerning statement.

On Memorial Day, the President pushed for more gun control and stricter laws.

In so doing, he used two words to describe the Second Amendment — And Those Two Words Are Making Headlines All Across The Country.

In speaking to reporters after returning to D.C. from Delaware for Memorial Day ceremonies, POTUS said simply:

The Constitution, the Second Amendment was never absolute.

It sounds like the President is saying not only 2A but the Constitution document as a whole, is not written in stone. And this means it’s subject to change.

This is especially concerning for those who have felt as if the Constitution and their personal freedoms have been under fire.

On top of this comment, Biden made a few questionable statements that have since been fact-checked by various sources.

For example, he said you “couldn’t buy a cannon when the Second Amendment was passed.”

Not long after, sources like Politifact refuted this statement. And gun rights activists have attacked the comment as being blatantly false.

Biden also said:

The 22 caliber bullet will lodge in the lungs and we can get it out.

A 9 mm bullet blows the lung out of the body.

This is another widely reported comment that has received plenty of backlash, primarily from those who believe Biden is simply not educated enough on the matter to speak about it.

Those in support of 2A and the Constitution believe the rights on that document are absolute, and Presidents don’t have the power to alter them.

But right now, many citizens worry that the current left-wing regime has grown too powerful, and too authoritarian.

And if they continue down this path, our way of life could be considerably altered in the future.

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