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Biden Slides To Fresh New Low – His Own Advisor Deese Gives America Zero Defense For Joe’s Unpopularity

Do we really have to tell you that Joe Biden’s approval is in the toilet? That has been the case since August of 2021.

As you should expect, it has not gotten any better, as the economy flounders and gas prices rise. Now, his approval is even worse than before.

From Hot Air:

The last time we looked at the Civiqs series in early April, Joe Biden had slid down to 38% job approval…

Nearly eight weeks later, the longitudinal survey now shows Biden at 34% approval level, above water in only three states, and only one has him at majority approval level.

This is devastating, especially for a Democrat, since they can count on positive media coverage. When asked about Biden’s failures, his own advisor can’t even give a straight answer.

That was hard to watch. Brian Deese is Biden’s National Economic Council advisor. And he had no explanation for why Biden’s approval is so bad—even though he claims Joe is making the right decision.

Deese dodges the question. But his response makes no sense. He doesn’t even seem to know what to say.

He claims Biden “tasked” him with making the “right policy decisions” to “advance the economy.”

Woah, really? Our economy is a train wreck. Inflation is at historic levels. Gas prices are almost $6/gallon nationally.

We are on the brink of a recession with the jobs market about to crash. And Deese says they are making the right decisions?

Remember how we often say Biden has the worst staff imaginable? This is why!

The man can’t even answer the question. But what he does say is nonsense.

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