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Days After Kamala Gets Cold Shoulder From Mexico – VP Harris Gives In, Launches Billions In Funding To Help Central America


Doesn’t it seem strange that Biden and his staff keep bending over backward for other countries? America is suffering massive inflation—perhaps a recession—yet Joe and Kamala are chasing other countries’ skirt tails.

“Vice President” Harris, for some reason, held a Latin America summit in LA. Mexico refused to attend. They couldn’t even bother sending an intern.

Yet she still promised them the moon.

From Newsmax:

Vice President Kamala Harris on Tuesday announced another $1.9 billion in private-sector funding to boost jobs in hopes of reducing migration from Central America, at a Latin America summit in Los Angeles snubbed by the leaders of Mexico and other affected countries…

A day before Biden’s arrival, the White House said that Harris was unveiling another $1.9 billion in commitments – in addition to $1.2 billion announced last year – from businesses with the aim of creating economic opportunity in the impoverished so-called Northern Triangle of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras.

Wow. What businesses are willing to fork over nearly $2 billion for South America?

Despite Mexico refusing to attend this event, Harris promised that much money for “economic opportunity” in South American countries.

This comes after we already sent them $1.2 billion—which did nothing to stem the tide of migrants coming our way.

Why does this administration think we should throw good money after bad? You can’t just hand that much cash to corrupt, poorly-governed countries and think it will help the problem.

There is a reason counties like El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras don’t have booming economies.

It’s because they are run by socialists and crooks who drove away whatever businesses that wanted to invest.

Yet we are supposed to believe this “solution” is going to suddenly turn things around. As usual, Democrats think that burning through our cash is going to magically solve our problems.

I doubt it. This looks more like shakedown money from countries who claim they will stop sending their migrants, if we just pay up.

But the last installment didn’t work. Why should we send more?

Harris is dumber than a storeowner paying protection money to the mob.

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