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2020 Census Report Mistakes Rock 2024 Election- Official Investigation Claims Republicans Undercounted, Dems Overcounted

During the height of the pandemic, the 2020 Census was held. The government was attempting to conduct a massive census at a time when people were being pushed into their houses.

You could be concerned that a government as dysfunctional as ours would mess up the census. This would be especially true if government personnel stayed at home.

Now it appears that the Census Bureau has made a major blunder.

From Trending Politics:

They showed that Republican-leaning states were under-counted by statistically significant margins, while Democrat-leaning states were over-counted by statistically significant margins…

The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board highlighted the undercounting in a late May piece, writing, “Remember how Democrats accused the Trump administration of trying to rig the 2020 Census? Now a Census Bureau study reveals that Republican-leaning states may have been hurt by mistaken under-counts.”

According to a Census Bureau analysis, Republican-leaning states’ populations were undercounted, while Democrat-leaning states’ populations were overcounted.

This is concerning, given that some Republican states gained House seats as a result of population shifts. Democrats also lost seats in the House of Representatives.

This could imply that Democrats will have fewer seats in the next Congress and Republicans will have more.

According to the Research, Liberal States such as Hawaii, Delaware, and New York were overcounted. Republican-leaning states like Texas, Florida, and Mississippi, on the other hand, were undercounted.

The margin in Texas was as large as 570,000 uncounted people. They were 695,000 people short in New York.

While the Bureau recognizes the issue, it does not appear that it will remedy the flaws. There has been no indication that these adjustments will be reflected in the number of House seats or in any other way.

They just stated that this will assist them in future censuses. Really? We’ll have to wait until 2030 for a more accurate census system—when the Census Bureau’s present staff will be long gone?

In any case, this is yet more reason to get rid of the swamp’s scumbags.

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