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Biden Considers Giving Major Handout To “Fix” Gas Prices – Instead Of Suspending Gas Tax, Joe Wants To Send Rebate Cards

Most experts agree that Biden needs to change his energy policies to lower gas prices.

But that is the one thing he refuses to do. Instead, he’s floating short-term “solutions” that will in no way lower gas prices permanently.

He floated the idea of suspending the gas tax, which would lower prices by a few cents, only for them to go back up after the midterms.

But Democrats didn’t even want that.

From The Hill:

Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.) asked President Biden to oppose a suspension of the federal gas tax in a letter Thursday, warning of “severe unintended consequences” for infrastructure.

God forbid Democrats reduce or cut a tax! So, Biden is mulling over yet-another handout, at the taxpayer’s expense.

From Fox Business:

The White House is reportedly floating the idea of gas rebates for U.S. residents due to record gas prices…

The cards would hypothetically subsidize the price of gas for Americans – many of whom are struggling to make ends meet with fuel now priced at the level of a luxury good.

Now, Biden wants to spend more money by giving out “rebate cards” to help Americans pay for gas.

Really, Joe? How is spending more of taxpayers’ money going to help the taxpayer? Isn’t lowering gas prices a more productive means of helping Americans?

There are several problems with Biden’s decision. First, these rebates will be in the form of a card or check.

Neither can be designed to prevent Americans from spending the money on something other than gas.

So… yet another foolish “stimulus” that might run the risk of adding to inflation.

Second, critics are saying that the ongoing chip shortage might make this plan impossible, as Biden won’t have the material needed to actually make the cards.

Then, there is the fact that he will need congressional approval to spend this money. Which will create even more obstacles as Americans continue to struggle.

And to think, all he has to do is let companies drill on federal land again.

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