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Biden’s Energy Secretary Cashes In On Green Agenda – Granholm Just Exercised $1.6 Million In EV Stock Options

Remember when Congress passed a law forbidding its members from buying and selling stock? They left out one big group: Biden’s flunkies.

Joe Biden has gone to war with oil companies as his Energy Department neglects the gas crisis. His energy secretary, Jennifer Granholm, is noted for pushing electric vehicles and laughing at America’s fuel problems.

But now, she just outed herself with a big move.

From Fox News:

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm reportedly exercised $1.6 million in stock options with an electric vehicle technology firm as she and President Biden urge action on climate change while Americans face $5 per gallon on unleaded 87 octane…

“They don’t feel our pain. They’re giving us the runaround with a letter to the oil industry and getting a meeting,” Pirro said. “Last month, Biden canceled one of the most high-profile oil and gas lease sales pending before the Department of Interior.”

Why should anyone in America believe this administration is ethical, when the head of the Energy Department has ties to electric vehicle companies?

Just as Granholm is claiming the gas crisis is reason for Americans to invest in “green” alternatives, she is banking on massive stock holdings.

Nothing she says can be trusted now. Because she is essentially working for the green industry.

This sheds a little more light on the current crisis, huh? Remember when Granholm laughed last year about gas prices?

Why shouldn’t we believe she is deliberately hurting the oil industry, so that she and her allies can make more money selling EVs?

Biden promised to “work like the devil” to lower gas prices. Why should we trust that? His own head of Energy has a serious conflict of interest.

Every gas-powered car might cost her money. And if that is the case with the head of the department, how many more in Biden’s administration is profiting off this crisis?

And to think, Jen Psaki once claimed this was the “most transparent” and ethical administration in our nation’s history!

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