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Pelosi’s J6 Committee Crashes And Burns – Poll Shows Their Plan Was Failure And The MSM Pulls The Plug


Pelosi apparently thought she would win over Americans by airing her “J6 Commission” hearings on TV.

You know what’s more entertaining than that? Flossing your teeth after a barbecue dinner.

And it seems that, despite airing these hearings on major networks, Americans are not interested.

From Townhall:

The survey of more than 1,500 adults conducted June 10 through June 13 puts Joe Biden at the worst polling performance of his presidency — and shows how little the January 6 committee and its mainstream media advocates have been able to sour Americans on President Trump.

That’s right, Biden is polling worse despite the J6 televised hearings. And it looks like some networks have better things to do.

From YouTube:

Americans are so interested in Democrat Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s illegitimate January 6th hearings that NBC cut to golf instead, during a segment on WNYT (NBC) (Albany, New York) on 6/16/2022.

Lol, really? NBC was so unimpressed with Pelosi’s hearings, that they had no problem switching off and airing golf instead.

Truth be told, that was the right move. Far more Americans will enjoy some golf than Pelosi and her gang’s false narrative.

This comes as ratings for the event are dismal. And polling suggests Americans are not being swayed by it one bit.

We could have told the Speaker this months ago. Polls from last year revealed Americans weren’t too concerned about the Events Of January 6, 2021.

Despite how the media hyped it up as the worst thing ever, Americans have been far more worried about Joe Biden’s miserable economy.

It doesn’t even seem as if Americans blame Trump for J6—and Democrats seem to be unable to prove he was behind it.

One member of the committee even admitted they will not recommend criminal charges. RINO Liz Cheney had to backtrack, but with no evidence.

It is likely many Americans call foul on this commission since Democrats did nothing about the months of rioting and looting that took place just a few months prior.

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