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Biden’s America Shaken Up By Another Major Shortage – This Time Three Cities Are Losing Service Over Pilot Shortfall

Joe Biden claimed he would “build back better.” Instead, his presidency has been marked by major losses.

Inflation is robbing Americans of paychecks. Higher taxes are taking what money we have left. Gas prices are hurting everyone.

And that’s not to mention the lack of a border wall, infamous vaccine mandates, and attempt at robbing us of our First and Second Amendment rights.

Now, Americans are suffering another setback.

From Fox Business:

American Airlines is ending service in three cities this fall in response to the industry-wide pilot shortage.

The Texas-based carrier told FOX Business Monday that its service in Islip and Ithaca, New York, as well as in Toledo, Ohio, will end starting on Sept. 7…

FOX Business reported earlier this month that the airline industry is short 12,000 pilots, and that the majority of airports across the nation, approximately 303, are already offering fewer flights.

The airline industry is reporting a lack of 12,000 pilots, resulting in major cutbacks in air travel.

It’s gotten so bad for American Airlines, that it is ending service to Ithaca, Islip in New York, and Toledo, Ohio.

These aren’t small, backwoods towns, mind you. But major cities in high-population states.

According to reports, 188 communities lost at least 25% of air service during the first half of this year.

Such dramatic cutbacks mean fewer flights, at higher costs. Ticket prices will rise tremendously, thanks to competition for the few seats on a plane.

Gee, you’d think this would be something that would trouble those folks in the White House. Air travel is a major industry, one that numerous other industries depend on.

Yet Joe Biden sits back and twiddles his thumbs, as Americans suffer one shortage after another.

God help us if there’s an ice cream shortage, though. Then Biden will really get upset!

Some airlines are trying to make up the gap on their own. United is ramping up a training program that hopes to provide 5,000 new pilots by 2030.

But the White House could help by encouraging young people to get into the industry. Offering tax incentives and other measures to relieve the costs of the industry.

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