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Texas Woman Just Got Convicted In Voting Scandal – She Gets Nailed With 26 Counts

If we want America’s democracy to survive, then we need to defend it. Democrats continue to claim there is no problem with how our elections are handled.

Yet time and again, we see stories like these pop up. Ironically, they occur in conservative states, which actually uphold the law.

From Breitbart:

A former volunteer deputy registrar from southeast Texas pleaded guilty to 26 felony counts of voter fraud stemming from a 2018 local utility board election…

“Mendez ran a vote-harvesting operation on behalf of a subsidized housing corporation in order to influence the outcome of a utility board election,” Paxton’s office said. The felonies stemmed from eight mail-in ballots, the Texas Scorecard reported.

Monica Mendez of Port Lavaca, who used to work as a volunteer deputy registrar, was charged with 26 felony counts of voter fraud.

She is being accused of committing, “three counts of illegal voting, eight counts of election fraud, seven counts of assisting a voter to submit a ballot by mail, and eight counts of unlawful possession of a mail ballot.”

It’s honestly impressive how many counts she was able to pile on to her record. I’m not sure I could rack up more even if I tried

It’s important to note this is not the first recent story of someone charged with voter fraud, out of Texas.

Yet we rarely hear stories like this coming out of New York, Chicago, or California. Is it because Texas works hard to root out and prosecute voter crimes?

And all these liberal regions don’t? I think the question needs to be asked, and I think its a valid one.

It appears Mendez engaged in all sorts of activity to sway a utility board election. She was doing this for a subsidized housing corporation, that perhaps wanted certain people on the board doing their bidding.

Did they pay Mendez to do this? What was she getting out of this alleged arrangement? All that might come out during the trial and I hope we get to learn all of the details of this case.

But this episode reveals that even in deeply conservative states, there are those who try to cheat our system.

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