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Democrat Flips Off GOP During Charity Baseball Game

Many Americans are worried about the eruption of violence and general disappearance of civility, manners, and integrity. It’s not only affecting everyday people; our politicians are behaving badly, too.

We’ve seen elected officials nearly come to blows during debates, and many others clashing with police during protests. There seems to be no end to the hostility.

They Can’t Even Play A Friendly Charity Baseball Game Without Someone Doing Something Nasty.

While nowhere near as severe, this little “flip off” event reminds us of when Rep. Steve Scalise and his fellow Republicans were shot at when playing baseball. The shocking shooting happened in 2017.

At the time, Rep. Scalise wrote that they were attacked “because we’re Republicans,” and it seemed to mark a dangerous turning point in the country.

Now, during a congressional baseball game for charity, Democrat Rep. Linda Sanchez (CA) couldn’t help herself from throwing up a vulgar gesture during the contest. It was captured by cameras, unfortunately for her.

Via The Daily Wire:

Democrat Rep. Linda Sanchez (CA) flipped off the Republican dugout as she jogged by them Thursday night during the congressional baseball game.

Republicans dominated the 87th annual Congressional Baseball Game for Charity, winning 10-0.

That wasn’t the only issue leftists caused at the game, either.

It was reported earlier that several climate protesters were arrested for blocking one of the entrances, despite U.S. Capitol Police Chief Tom Manger saying they “won’t tolerate violence or any unlawful behavior during this family event.”

This all happened not long after Vice President Kamala Harris urged people to “take it to the streets” during a speech.

Sharp increases in tension have resulted in numerous protesting and other altercations between right and left. This is a big reason why so many believe a second Civil War might be very possible in the future.

The fact that the Republicans won the baseball game 10-0 might be a sign of things to come:

A “red wave” appears to be building fast in the country, as many experts and insiders predict the GOP will reclaim control of the House and possibly the Senate during the midterm elections.

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